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Hostilities begin on May 14 with the first batch (Group A) of about 100 entries in their 2-cock preliminaries followed on May 15 by the 2-cock eliminations of the rest of the participants (Group B). The 2-semis happen on May 16 for Group A and on May 17 for Group B. All those with scores of 2, 2.5 or 3 points from Group A lock horns again on May 19 for the 4-cock pre-finals, while all undefeated entries (3.5 & 4 pointers) together with Group B’s 2, 2.5 and 3 pointers face-off on the 4-cock grand finals on May 20.


This early, more than 180 entries, including 20 foreign bets, have made their cockhouse reservations or have signified their intentions of taking part in the battle for the most coveted title in international cockfighting.


Depending champions Rey Briones and Lawrence Wacnang are expected to make a gallant stand in defense of their crown.


However, all eyes will be on Briones who has filed up three WSC championship finishes - first in June 2003 and a rare back-to-back victory in June 2011 and recently in January 2012). The big question is…will Briones be the first cocker ever to win the World Slashers Cup three in a row?